Welcome to my site. Im so glad you found me!


I'm Rachel, nice to meet you :) Anything wedding, marriage, home, and baby related is my favorite. I believe life is meant to be filled with beauty and fun, which is why I like sprinkles on my donuts and whipped cream on my coffee. To me, fresh flowers define celebration and joy. Any bloom is welcome around me! Designing and creating for people is my passion and where I come alive.

When I was 16, my first job was at a local florist. I immediately fell in love with flowers and the art of floral design. Over the course of years I've grown to adore weddings and marriage and all of its beautiful value. I provide a service I am very proud of! All of it is a labor of love and so worthwhile.

I live in Pensacola with my husband Timothy, a film wedding photographer. He’s a creative, like me, yet completely opposite from me in all the best ways. We make a great team! We love Jesus and have a dog named Lola and the most gorgeous baby girl named Rosie.


I'd love to meet with you to discuss your wedding floral dreams! Seriously, lets get coffee ;)

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